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  • Mini Mobile Hose & Cylinder System

    Mini Mobile Hose & Cylinder System

    Designed to accommodate up to 24 cylinders or 800′ of 21/2″ hose or any combination of the two

  • Mini Mobile O2 cylinder system

    Mini Mobile O2 Cylinder System

    Designed to accommodate up to 32 O2 cylinders. Can be used in conjunction with hose, flat or SCBA shelves.

  • Heavy-Duty Mobile Hose & Cylinder System

    Heavy-Duty Mobile Hose & Cylinder System

    Responding to a fire department’s need, GEARGRID redesigned its popular mobile storage system to handle the tough job of storing hoses and cylinders.

  • Miami Storage System

    Miami System

    GEARGRID’s new multifunctional system provides secure storage for SCBA and/or O2 cylinders. The unit can also be configured with flat shelves for bagged gear.

  • Air Pack Rack

    Air Pack Rack

    Provides convenient, accessible and movable storage for up to eight packs, and six spare SCBA cylinders. Ideal for training, industrial firefighting, Hazmat applications, and storage of spare air packs.

  • SCBA & O2 Cylinder Carriers

    SCBA & O2 Cylinder Carriers

    Easy, convenient cylinder transport

  • Seattle System™ Heavy-Duty 32" Deep Storage Solution

    Seattle System™ Heavy-Duty 32″ Deep Storage Solution

    This versatile system offers flat shelves and cylinder shelves plus generous depth — ideal for storing wildland gear, turnout gear and SCBA cylinders. Completely customizable, GEARGRID’s Seattle System can be designed to your exact needs.

  • Large Slinger work station

    Slinger Workstation

    Initially developed for the Slinger, Wisconsin Fire Department, our Slinger Workstation provides a safe, mobile work area designed specifically for inspection, cleaning, maintenance and portability of cylinders and equipment. It’s also one great all-purpose workbench.

  • Backboard Rack

    Backboard Rack

    Super Durable powder-coated set of 2 racks (top and bottom) fits both 20″ and 24″ locker widths

  • binder rack

    Binder Rack

    Provides quick and easy access for training manuals, larger mail items – whatever you need to keep handy

  • Compact Upright Hose Dryer

    Compact Upright Hose Dryer

    This innovative, space-saving vertical drying rack is a GEARGRID first, as it requires far less room and can be used with a Desiccant Dehumidification System.

  • dive locker

    Dive Locker Deluxe™ Storage System

    GearGrid’s Dive Locker Deluxe offers the latest development in the proper storage and drying of dive gear including wet suits and dry suits as well as other oversized protective gear, such as CBRN.

  • locker wall structure

    Free Standing Tube Wall Structure

    The GearGrid Free Standing Tube Wall Structure (FSTWS) provides an additional and alternative mounting option for our Standard Wall Mount Lockers.

  • dryer hanger on rack


    The GearDryer is a stainless steel hanger that holds a jacket open.

  • glove on rack


    Constructed of stainless steel, this smart option helps gloves hold their shape while speeding the drying process.

  • rack


    The GearHanger is a horizontal hanging rod with long-lasting stainless steel construction.

Showing 1–16 of 27 results