Seek Thermal

Seek Thermal

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  • FirePro 300

    FirePro 300

    With FirePRO 300, you can equip every firefighter with an affordable and lightweight thermal camera to enhance situational awareness and increase firefighter safety.

  • thermal imager

    Reveal FirePro X

    Equipping every firefighter with a personal thermal imaging camera can potentially save more lives and protect property by increasing two vital parts of an emergency call, speed and safety.

  • multicharger

    Reveal FirePro X Multi-Charge

    4-Bay Multi Charger for the Reveal FirePRO X Firefighting TIC

  • AttackPRO


    Seek AttackPRO is a high-durability decision-making TIC built specifically for the tough demands of the fire service to assist in Fire Attack, Primary Search, Size Up, Overhaul, Rescue, and Fire Ground Command.

  • camera setup

    Seek Scan

    Simple screening for safer communities
    Helps businesses, institutions and venues easily screen for skin temperature

Showing all 5 results