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  • Air Card in Package

    Air Card VOC Detection Device

    The Air Card is an easy way to test for health harmful levels of VOCs in the air that you and your crew breathe.

  • StationProtect unit

    StationProtect™ Air Decon Systems

    Comprehensive Station Air Filtration

  • TFT catalog cover

    TFT Product Catalog

  • floating barrel strainer

    Floating Barrel Strainer

    A best value, high performance floating barrel strainer.

  • PA3

    Transformer Nozzle System

    Attacking fires in attics, void spaces, or under an electric vehicle can be difficult. Your crew deserves a solution that makes the process easier and more efficient without bulky equipment.

  • portable monitor

    BLITZTAC™ Portable Monitor

    TFT’s new BLITZTAC portable monitor brings best in class performance to the fire service once again.

  • filter

    CrewProtect™ Multi-Threat Air Filtration

    CrewProtect is a comprehensive and simple solution to help protect first responders from the multiple harmful and carcinogenic airborne contaminants that other filtration systems miss.

  • nozzle on truck

    Extend-A-Gun VP

    The latest addition to the TFT Extend-A-Gun series, the VP version offers a complete solution from TFT: monitor, nozzle, waterway, and valve! Deploy and stow operations are efficiently controlled by pneumatics and the inlet valve interlock system aids safe operations.


  • radius monitor

    Radius™ Deck-Mounted Monitor

    RADIUS is the highest reaching deck mounted monitor, allowing you to achieve your tactics.

  • nozzle in use

    Working Fire™ Nozzles

    The new TFT Working Fire nozzles deliver revolutionary performance when you need maximum flows for a “working fire.” The exclusive pressure relief feature limits reaction force when you over pump to get more GPM, or experience an unintended flow increase during a gated wye operation.

  • hi rise kit

    High Rise Bag w/right or left 45º Elbow Valve

    TFT’s High Rise Kits are a standpipe valve solution that is configurable to meet your needs.

  • green plastic canister with hose

    DECON/pak Portable Gross Decontamination System

    The DECON/pak is a self-contained agent proportioning and rinse application system helping to provide simple and gross decontamination of firefighting personnel and equipment.

  • Gated Siamese

    2-1/2” Gated Siamese

    TFT’s 2 ½ Inch (65mm) Gated Siamese is a lightweight wye with a full 2 ½ inch (64mm) waterway.

  • 2-1/2” Gated Wye

    2-1/2” Gated Wye

    TFT’s 2 ½ Inch (65mm) Gated Wye is a lightweight wye with a full 2 ½ inch (64mm) waterway.

  • bracket set

    2-Wrench Bracket Set

    Lightweight cast aluminum bracket mounts to apparatus for easy accessibility. Features quick, snap-action release. Holds two A3813 Universal Spanner Wrenches. Available with or without wrenches.

  • 3-way valved manifold

    3-Way Valved Manifold 5” Storz X (3) 2.5″M

    TFT’s 3-Way Valved Manifold is a rugged manifold with three 2 ½ inch valved discharge ports, each with a full 2 ½ inch waterway.

Showing 1–16 of 151 results