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  • VC3 saw


    Clearance Price: $1,500
    Contact us for details

  • K1 Pace Rescue Saw

    K 1 PACE Rescue

    K 1 PACE Rescue high power battery cutter has the power and performance you expect from equivalent petrol-powered cutters.

  • blue and red jugs labelled Aspen

    Aspen 2/4 Fuel for Professionals

    Ordinary petrol deteriorates if it is stored in containers or petrol tanks, resulting in starting and operating problems. Aspen Fuel retains its quality, ensuring hassle-free operation over many years.

  • chain saw

    High Performance Rescue Chainsaws

    Engineered specifically for the fire and rescue industry, these saws have a number of features that make them outstanding tools for the fire and rescue extraction.

  • power cutter

    K 970 Power Cutters

    Sturdy, reliable, light and powerful – the K 970 power cutter is ready to perform when you are.

  • circular blade

    SuperVac Tiger Tooth blade

    The new Tiger Tooth blade is the most versatile blade for the fire and rescue service.

  • chainsaw

    SV3-16 Rescue Chain Saw

    The SV3-16 is a high power, reliable chain saw made for venting and rescue operations.   Proven ability to cut layered residential roofing, downed trees and building materials.

  • saw

    SVC4 Rescue Cutoff Saw

    The SVC4 is the perfect combination of strength and mobility in a rescue cut off saw.  Proven ability to cut concrete, asphalt, stone, steel, rebar, aluminum, commercial roofing and more

Showing all 8 results