Bulldog Hose

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    Firepower™ is a highly durable double-jacketed hose made from a high-tech, nylon–polyester outer jacket.

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    Aggressive Attack Line Firefighting Hose

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    Firepower™ II

    Firepower™ II is an interior attack fire hose with the performance needed for the aggressive tactics employed by firefighters of today.

    Limited quantities available at clearance prices. Please request a quote for other options.

    • 1.75” X 50’ Red x 1 – $398.00
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    Bushmaster is a lightweight polyester jacket, polyurethane lined forestry fire hose that meets the USDA-US Forest Service Specification 5100-187.

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    Hi-Power is an ultra-lightweight, maneuverable, nitrile rubber hose designed specifically for fighting fires in high rise buildings.

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    Hi-Vol is a tough large diameter hose with the ability to deliver more water at a lower cost. But it doesn’t stop there. It is lightweight, compact and durable with a high resistance to oils, chemicals, ozone and heat.

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    Perc-Lite is a lightweight single jacket forestry hose. It incorporates an exclusively designed thremoplastic liner which allows controlled seepage of water to the surface of the jacket.

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    The GASyn-CHEM is a layflat, lightweight, flexible maintenance hose with the durability and abrasion resistance of heavy-duty rubber hose.

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    Little Big Chief

    Little Big Chief is a lightweight nitrile rubber through-the-weave construction fire hose.

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    Red Chief

    Red Chief is a nitrile rubber through-the-weave construction fire hose that is ideally suited for municipal fire protection.

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    Ultima is the ultimate in quality, municipal grade fire hose.

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    Redskin is a layflat, lightweight, yet heavy duty flexible fire hose specifically designed for industrial fire protection.

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    The 1200 is an economical, lightweight and durable fire hose to meet the needs of today’s fire service.

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    Covered Mill

    Covered Mill is an economical, layflat, flexible washdown hose that combines lightweight compact features with durability and abrasion resistance.

Showing all 14 results