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    Deep Grip® gloves

    Deep Grip® gloves were designed to protect and add strong grip control for hands on hazardous work sites.

  • armoured gloves

    Deep III Pro Armored Gloves

    The Deep III® Pro is a culmination of decades of experience experimenting with engineered materials and listening to our clients.

  • armoured gloves

    Deep III® Cut5 Armoured Gloves

    The Deep III® Cut5 features the Cestus®-specific, oil-resistant Skid-X Grip™, which is a textured, one-piece grip that is double stitched onto durable synthetic leather with Kevlar® thread to maximize grip control on wet, oily or dry surfaces.

  • armoured glove

    DM Hybrid™ Armoured Gloves

    Dangers on mining and excavation sites range from falling rock and debris to heavy machinery hazards, which led to the development of the unrivaled DM Hybrid™.

  • armoured gloves

    HMD Cut5 Gloves

    Been looking for a thin, breathable glove that does not sacrifice grip control or dorsal impact protection?

Showing all 5 results