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  • adaptor lok

    Adapter Loks – 1042-1

    PAC Adapter Loks keep your adapters organized and ready to use. Your adapters easily slide on and are retained by the locking feature. Simply depress the highly visible lock to remove the adapters!

  • storz lok

    Flexmounts – 1002

    Flexmounts are high strength flexible, non-metallic, Y-shaped tool mount that hold any tool that can be snapped into place.

  • tool mount

    Halligan Tool Mount Kit – K5032

    The Halligan Tool Mounting Kit is a safe, secure and dependable storage solution in any position or orientation. The Claw End and Point End Holders are combined with a Toolok bracket P/N 1003 to provide a complete tool mounting solution for a wide variety of Halligan type tools.

  • handlelok

    Handlelok – 1004

    The Handlelok provides an adjustable positive locking method to secure axes, hammers, bars and many other tools and equipment. The STRETCHLOK strap allows instant release.

  • ironslok

    Ironslok HD – K5003-HD

    The Ironslok-HD Bracket Kit is designed for larger irons, including the PIG Axe and the FIRE MAUL! Positive locking with high strength lock strap.

  • tool board

    PAC Trac Standard Tool Boards

    PAC Trac is a patented tool mounting system. PAC Trac tool boards provide quick, secure installation of brackets, all without drilling holes.

  • axe hanger

    Pickhead Axe Hanger / Pocket Kit – K5012

    The Pickhead Axe Hanger/Pocket Kit is designed to hold a Pickhead Axe hanging OR supported as a pocket.

  • storz lok

    Storz Loks – 1040-4

    Storz Loks provide a safe secure way to store Storz hose couplings. Easy twist-on storage. New 6” size for larger Municipal Fire Departments as well as the Oil and Gas industry!

  • vent saw mount kit

    Vent Saw Kit – K5025

    The Vent Saw Kit secures Vent Saws with a strap over the bar cover and with 4 Universal Mounts.

Showing all 9 results