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  • CGC20 pump


    The single stage design with vertically-split volute and pump transmission provides simple operation, easy maintenance and high reserve capacity.

  • CMC20 pump

    CMC22 / CMUC22

    The low profile split-shaft two-stage series/parallel pump with ball-type transfer valve allows you to switch from pressure to volume smoothly & easily.

  • CSC20 pump

    CSC22 / CSUC22

    Designed with a two-piece, horizontally-split body with intake and discharge passageways in a single casting and on the same level. This design provides the lowest possible height, a lower center of gravity and more room for hose reels, hose beds and other equipment.

  • CXVC20 pump

    CXC22 / CXSC22

    The most versatile pump offered by Waterous. When you need the performance of a larger split-shaft pump, but just don’t have the compartment space, the CX/CXS is the answer.

  • S100C pump

    S100C22 / S101C22

    Get the power and performance of a traditional midship fire pump in a compact, lightweight design. Made of ductile iron, the S100 are nearly 35% lighter, and yet 25% stronger than identical pumps made with gray iron. Available as a direct-engine mount or matched with a Waterous aluminum case transmission.

Showing all 5 results