6D Hose

Polyester double-jacket hose

Similar in design to 8D hose, 6D is purpose-built for the rigors of industrial firefighting but with lower operating pressures at 300 psi (2070 kPa) maximum. When the pressures are lower and the economics demand consideration, this double jacket, rubber lined hose delivers fail-proof performance with a rugged outer jacket, a smooth, steady flow and extra kink resistance. An added benefit: Most sizes of type 6D are UL listed or FM approved and can be labeled if required. Both brass and aluminum couplings are available.

  • Strong. Exceptional quality, double jacket, rubber lined hose made from 100% high tensile strength polyester yarn with a lining of extruded Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM). Excellent for tough applications such as construction sites and industrial firefighting.
  • Reliable. The outside jacket utilizes a tight weave that is less likely to “catch” while dragging through the site and also helps to reduce kinking at low pressures, keeping the flow constant.
  • Add-On Durability. Optional Dura-Cote™ treatment greatly increases abrasion, heat, flame and petrochemical resistance while virtually eliminating water pick-up. When treated, 6D is protected from mildew and no drying is required.
  • Flexible. Hose remains flexible to temperatures as low as -40°F (-40°C) and is highly resistant to ozone and oxidation.
  • Certified. Manufactured in accordance with NFPA 1961 Standard, latest edition within our ISO-9001 certified quality assurance system.

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