Air Card VOC Detection Device

The Air Card is an easy way to test for health harmful levels of VOCs in the air that you and your crew breathe.

The card is loaded with purple pellets that detect VOCs in the air. Inside of the 30-day testing period, the faster the pellets lose their purple colour, the higher the VOC levels are.

Using Air Card

  • Choose a location: Place your AirCard in a location where your crew spends time – usually the station or apparatus.
    Scan the QR Code: The QR code will bring you to a simple form. Locate your department and fill out any requested information. Occasionally you will get a reminder to check on your card.
  • Watch your Air Card: You should check in on your Air Card regularly. If you notice that the beads have lost their purple colour (they may change to a variety of colours), scan your QR code again to submit your results. If there is still some purple remaining after 30 days, scan the QR code to end the air quality evaluation and consider testing again in 60 days.
  • Evaluate your results: After you submit your results, you will receive an email explaining what your results mean along with some next steps to help protect the health of your crew.