Aluminum X-Strut

Light-weight, but heavy-duty

The Aluminum X-Strut® is our most popular pinned stabilization and lifting strut, built from 6061-T6 aluminum and boasting close to a 10,000 working load limit with a 2:1 Safety Factor, without adding significant weight. This workhorse of a strut is designed for heavy vehicle stabilization and lifting applications. We recommended the Aluminum X-Strut® for departments who see a lot of highway responses involving larger vehicles, or for those who want the added security of a heavy-duty strut.

Shown with Add-on Jack (ALX-JACK). This jack is made specifically for the Aluminum X-Strut® with a 6,000 lb lifting capacity and a 2: 1 safety factor. Weight: 25 lbs.

SPECIFICATIONS (2:1 safety factor on struts & accessories)

Item # SAX-STRT (Short Strut)

  • Column WLL: 9,700 LBS.
  • Lifting WLL: 6,000 LBS
  • Extended Height: 98″
  • Collapsed Height: 56″
  • Weight: 42 LBS*

Item # ALX-STRT-PH (Phoenix)

  • Column WLL: 9,700 LBS.
  • Lifting WLL: 6,000 LBS
  • Extended Height: 66″
  • Collapsed Height: 40″
  • Weight: 30 LBS*

Item # ALX-STRT (Long Strut)

  • Column WLL: 9,700 LBS.
  • Lifting WLL: 6,000 LBS
  • Extended Height: 86.25″
  • Collapsed Height: 50″
  • Weight: 37 LBS*

* Strut weight includes Swivel CRG Head Fitting, Base Plate, Ratchet Strap and all hardware. Short Strut does not include Built-In Ratchet Strap. Add-On Jack weight: 25 LBS.


  • The Aluminum X-Strut® operates with our custom-manufactured oversize cone pins. The special flared-design automatically aligns with the jack for faster setup. The unique shape also makes these pins easier to grip and harder to lose.


  • The Aluminum X-Strut® is built from 6061-T6 aluminum for extra strength without adding significant weight.


  • The Aluminum X-Strut® includes our Swivel C.R.G. head fitting which rotates 360° to easily find any purchase point.


  • The Aluminum X-Strut® and Phoenix Aluminum X-Strut® each include a ratchet strap with wire hooks mounted on the side of the strut chassis, keeping your strap right where you want it for faster response.


  • The Aluminum X-Strut® transforms from a shoring strut to a lifting strut in seconds with our removable mechanical Add-On Jack, giving you 6,000 Lbs. of lifting capacity with 12 inches of travel.
  • Need to lift more than a foot? Just remove the pin-free Add-On Jack and reset for 12 more inches of lift.


  • Pivoting rings built into the baseplate allow for fast attachment of straps, hooks and chains, or double as a picket receiver when anchoring is needed.


  • Available in long strut (pictured), short strut, or the mid-sized Phoenix strut for increased storage options and lower lift engagements.

Available in 2-Point Standard Kit, 4-Point Deluxe Kit, 3-Point Texas Kit and 2-Car Deluxe Kit. View Catalog for details (pdf).