Battery Pump SPU 16 BC (excl. Battery)

Battery driven Greenline pump, CORE version, with 1 tool connection (STO).


Standard supplied with:

  • Oil level gauge
  • Battery level indicator
  • ECO whisper mode
  • LED lighting above CORE coupler
  • Charger connector


CORE Technology
• Quicker (saves time)
• Safer (more user-friendly)
• Easier (allows more efficient use of manpower)

Long running time
• 140 minutes during common vehicle extrications, even with the use of heavy-duty rescue tools
• 70 minutes continuous spread/cut tool use

• Ideal for powering rescue equipment in confined spaces like tunnels, trains and collapsed buildings
• Healthier for rescuers and victims
• Environmentally friendly

All weather proof
• Suitable for use at below zero temperatures, up to -20° C / -4° F
• Suitable for use in wet weather conditions

ECO whisper mode
• Power saving and extremely low noise level when tool is not in use

Connects to all current rescue equipment
• Enables same powerful tool performance as other rescue pumps
• Can power any (telescopic) ram, spreader, combi tool and cutter

3-stage pump technology
• Much higher flow/speed in 2nd stage for quicker rescue operations
• Lower flow/speed in 3rd stage for more tool control

Next-generation lithium-ion battery technology
• High capacity for long running time
• Same tool performance as other rescue pumps, in all types of weather
• Can be used at high altitudes (>1000 m)