Blitzfire Monitor Combination Package XXC-52-HE

Includes Monitor, Storage Bracket, Master Stream & Triple Stacked Tips

Flow range up to 500 gpm (2000 l/min). The monitor features low friction inlet and outlet pivots. Outlet has built-in stream shaper. Elevation is manually adjustable between 10 and 86 degrees above horizontal. Horizontal rotation is manually adjustable 20 degrees either side of center. The SAFETY SHUT-OFF VALVE will shut off flow if monitor slides or lifts. It has six detent flow positions with a patented turbulence free slide valve for operator flow control. When the legs are folded, the carbide tips point up for carrying safety. The heavy-duty carbide tipped legs are easily folded out to a wide deployed stance. Stowed in storage bracket overall size is 29.5″L x 8.1″W x 8.5″H (74.9 x 20.6 x 21.6 cm). Standard inlet is 2.5″ (65mm) rocker lug swivel coupling. Standard outlet is 2.5″ (65mm) rigid male threads.

Monitor Configuration Portable
Flow Rate – Monitors 0-500 gpm (0-2000 l/min)
Operation Energy Source Manual
Monitor Inlet 2.5 Inch Rocker Lug
Monitor Outlet 2.5 inch (65mm)
Horizontal Control N/A
Horizontal Movement (degrees) 20 left and 20 right of center
Vertical Control N/A
Vertical Movement (degrees) 10 above to 86 above horizontal
Safety Shutoff With Safety Shutoff
Pressure Relief Valve No PRV
Valve Design Slide Valve (Aluminum)
Finish Powdercoated Dark Blue
Certifications N/A