Cansorb Hydrocarbon Arbsorbent

Cansorb is an all organic hydrocarbon absorbent, manufactured from high quality large fibre Sphagnum Peat Moss.

This manufacturing process produces a product which becomes both oleophilic, absorbing hydrocarbons and hydrophobic, repelling water. Due to its fibrous structure and our processing, Cansorb absorbs hydrocarbons quickly on contact by virtue of its wicking action and encapsulates oil on contact, this makes Cansorb idea for hydrocarbon clean up both on open water and land applications. Cansorb absorbs, on average, eight times its weight. This volume will vary based on the hydrocarbon being absorbed and the temperature.

Cansorb Works Naturally

Nature has given unique properties and ingredients to our Sphagnum Peat Moss. In its natural state the fibre contains 40%-60% water, however this fibre has the ability to absorb 20%-40% more water and will do so on contact due to its porous nature. When Cansorb is dehydrated (activated) to 10%-12% MC a wax (bitumen) is released to the surface from deep in the pores. This wax coats the outside of the fibre, resulting in the fibre resisting water within and allowing hydrocarbon absorption.

Compressed Bales (CB)

Cansorb offers some of the greatest value in the industry with our compressed products. Compressed at approx. 1.5 : 1 ratio this allows us to provide value without compromising the quality of the compressed fibre. The bales can easily be broken down into our disbursement barrels.

Loose Filled Bags (LFB)

This product is packaged for easy deployment. This ease combined with the compact size allows for one time use and storage in situations where space is limited and larger barrels and bales are prohibitive.

Socks (S)

We offer 3.5 inch diameter socks in both 48 inch and 96 inch lengths. These socks are filled with our Cansorb particulate and we offer them in polypropylene casing.

Pillows (P)

We provide pillows in two cost effective sizes – 12″ x 12″ and 12″ x 24″. Our pillows are filled with Cansorb particulate and we offer them in polypropylene casing.