Combi Tool HCT 5117

Hand-powered tool that enables spreading, cutting, pulling and squeezing.


Standard supplied with:

  • i-Bolt Technology
  • Carrying handle with integrated LED lighting
  • 360° rotatable & fold flat pump handle


  • Extremely compact & ultra-lightweight
    – Easy to carry, handle,transport and store
    – Ideal for use in confined spaces
  • Optimal performance to weight ratio
    – Extremely high spreading distance compared to size and weight
    – High cutting force compared to size and weight
  • Multifunctional
    – One tool for cutting, spreading, squeezing and pulling
    – Suitable for a variety of operations, from rapid intervention in vehicle rescue to USAR
    – You can gain access to a modern vehicle with just one tool (tested on a 2014 model Opel Insignia, avoiding the pillars)
    – Suitable for under water use
  • Non-slip selection ring
    – Easy, intuitive selection of cutting or spreading function
    – Offers good grip
  • Self-contained with integrated 2-stage pump
    – For optimal freedom of movement
    – Rapid deployment: Simply fold out the pump handle and start pumping
    – Pump handle 360° rotatable and lockable in 22 positions for use of the tool in almost any position
    – Pump handle also flat foldable for compact transportation and storage
  • Equipped with i-Bolt
    – Flat central bolt construction for better access to narrow spaces
    – Squeezes the blades together directly, which results in less blade separation and a better cutting performance

Carrying handle with integrated LED lighting
• Provides illumination when rescue scene lighting is (still)absent
• Never work in your own shadow by day