CSC22 / CSUC22

Designed with a two-piece, horizontally-split body with intake and discharge passageways in a single casting and on the same level. This design provides the lowest possible height, a lower center of gravity and more room for hose reels, hose beds and other equipment.

The CS/CSU Split-Shaft model is equipped with a chain-driven C22 Transmission. The C22 Transmission provides the best In-Class power transfer. The silent chain drive provides no gear whining, provides positive shifting and requires less horsepower that will enhance the efficiency of the apparatus.

  • Flame-plated impellers (standard on CSU, optional on CS)
  • Two-piece, horizontally-split, high-tensile strength cast iron pump casing
  • Optional bronze/gunmetal pump casing
  • All deep-groove oil and grease lubricated ball bearings located outside the pump casing
  • Bronze double-hubbed accurately balanced impeller
  • Stainless steel separable impeller shaft
  • Replaceable bronze impeller rings
  • Flinger rings mounted on impeller shaft
  • Adjustable BFG packing standard (spring-loaded mechanical seal available)
  • C22 Transmission consisting of an aluminum case and chain-driven for silent operation
  • Maximum Pump Pressure: 400 PSI (34 bar)


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