Decon Hoop

Durable, lightweight construction for rugged use, designed for quick set-up on site.

Design concentrates water at the area being decontaminated, minimizing amount of water required for decontamination and disposal. Minimizes overspray for better control. Breaks down for easy storage and use for patient on backboard.

  • Constructed of durable, lightweight, corrosion free aluminum
  • Two piece design provides for use in full or half loop configuration
  • Features easy to use cam-lok couplings to join hoop halves
  • Doubles as portable emergency shower for factories
  • Fast, efficient, cost effective decontamination
  • Can be quickly set up for on-site application
  • Uses a standard 3/4″ hose connection



4.6 GPM @ 30 PSI (.29 litres/sec @ 30 PSI)

4.8 GPM @ 40 PSI (.30 litres/sec @ 40 PSI)

Applications include self wash-off, two person, three person, barrels, overpacks, patients on backboard, equipment, bunker gear, and overhaul.



(2 Piece) Decon Hoop:

45″ OD (114.30 cm) X 39″ ID (99.06cm) with two 43″ (109.22cm) handles

66″ (167.64cm) fully extended handle, 10 lbs (4.55kg)


(4 Piece) Decon Hoop:

Ideal for tight storage situations.

45″ OD (114.30 cm) X 39″ ID (99.06cm), Handles 32″ (81cm) – 53″(134 cm) fully extended handle, 10 lbs (4.55kg)