Dive Locker Deluxe™ Storage System

GearGrid’s Dive Locker Deluxe offers the latest development in the proper storage and drying of dive gear including wet suits and dry suits as well as other oversized protective gear, such as CBRN.

With its patented extended shock system, oversize gear is allowed to fully extend ensuring proper drying and storage resulting in longer lasting gear. With this system, GearGrid also introduces split secure storage with individual locking doors creating maximum use of space while ensuring individual security.

– Extended shock dive hanger can be purchased separately and/or used in other select GearGrid products

– Unit available with or without doors

– Shelves are adjustable in 3″ increments

– SCUBA and flat storage shelves available with system

Frame: Heavy-duty 1-¼” tubing

Side & Back Grids: High-strength ¼” wire, 3″ x 3″ square grid pattern

Secure Doors: (Optional) 1-¼” heavy-duty tubing with high-strength ¼” wire

Casters: Locking casters handle up to 950 lbs. each

Colors: 7 standard colors

Assembly: With simple tools it’s fast and easy