Door Ram DR200

The new compact and powerful Holmatro Door Ram combines a high spreading force with a long stroke, allowing you to open even the most flexible doors. The DR200 has been designed for inward opening doors but can also be used for outward opening doors in combination with a manual breaching tool.

The new Door Ram has a flat toe for easy insertion between the door and its frame. With the toe at a 90-degree angle the operator can work safely from a position next to the door.

The DR200 is double acting, offering you optimal control over both the outgoing stroke and the ingoing stroke. The tool is available in a CORE and an EVO 3 battery version.

One person operation when used with our Backpack Pump

  • No need to carry and operate a separate hand pump

Compact and lightweight

  • Easy to carry and handle

Highly capable

  • Thanks to a long spreading stroke even the most flexible doors can be opened
  • Unlike combi tool style door openers the Door Ram has a constant high spreading force over its full stroke to provide full power where you need it.

Ease of placement

  • With its small toe height the Door Ram can be easily inserted into door frame

Enhanced safety for the operator

  • The toe is attached perpendicular (at a 90-degree angle) to the tool body allowing the operator not to stand in front of the door. The operator can work from a position next to the door, out of harms way.