Electric Duo Pump SR 42 HC 2

230 VAC electrically driven Spider range duo pump, CORE version, with 2 tool connections (MTO: simultaneous tool operation). Including hose reel on each side with 2 x 65 ft orange hoses.

Standard supplied with:

  • Hydraulic oil level indicator (dipstick)
    • Soft-grip carrying handle
    • Orange hoses
    • Foldable handle for hose winding on hose reels


CORE Technology

  • Quicker (saves time)
  • Safer (more user-friendly)
  • Easier (allows more efficient use of manpower)

3-stage pump technology

  • Much higher flow/speed in 2nd stage for quicker rescue operations
  • Lower flow/speed in 3rd stage for more tool control

Large hydraulic oil capacity

  • Enough oil to operate any two tools at the same time, including all heavy-duty rescue equipment

Complete with hose reel on left and right side of the pump

  • With 65 ft hose on each of the 2 reels.

Hydraulic oil level indicator

  • Integrated dip stick on top of oil tank for quick and easy monitoring of oil level

LED lighting (optional accessory)

  • Easy to locate pump in the dark
  • Facilitates coupling and uncoupling of hoses in the dark

Soft-grip carrying handle

  • Better grip
  • Ergonomic design for improved carrying balance
  • Pump easier to carry

Hose reels equipped with foldable handle for hose winding

  • To save valuable storage space in your rescue truck
  • Quick and easy to use: handle folds out and locks in one step