Electric Vehicle (EV) Fire Blanket

Fire Cloak USA is a first line of defense in suppressing an EV Fire.

EV Fires are on the rise across the United States and Canada. These fires are difficult to contain, release toxins and carcinogens in the air and ground, and can take thousands of gallons of water to extinguish. Fire departments are receiving special training and using new techniques to combat these fires.

Fire Cloak USA is a first line of defense in suppressing an EV Fire.

At the first sign of danger, the Fire Cloak USA can be draped over the vehicle to contain a potential fire. If the vehicle is already on fire, then the EV Fire Blanket can be used to cover the car and suppress the flames. Fire Cloak USA is not only a fire suppression solution but also a containment device.

EV Fires can reach up to 5000º compared to 1500º in an ICE fire. Not only do they burn hotter, electric vehicles can also reignite up to a month later due to “stranded energy” in the lithium ion battery.

The most common form of fire in electric or hybrid vehicles is when the high energy battery is damaged, or a manufacturing fault causes the battery to go into “Thermal Runaway”. This is when a cell short circuits and the heat generated starts a fire. This, in turn, creates a “domino effect” and the fire spreads from cell to cell.

Right now many fire departments are simply letting the EV burn. But this isn’t always a solution. If an EV charging in a parking garage, house, or lot catches fire, it could lead to total devastation.

Carrying case sold separately.

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