Emergency Plug®

Quickly create a safe working environment for first responders working on any type of Full and Hybrid Electric Vehicles.

The Emergency Plug® (Plug) has been developed to prevent unpredictable vehicle movement by any Full or Hybrid Electric Vehicles (EVs) in an emergency situation as well as during regular maintenance.

Even though every Plug requires different signals, our Plug simulates the different charging protocols of each EV, we are able to guarantee the Plug’s suitability for 100% of all EVs that comply with the safety protocols of the UN ECE R100 regulation. By providing continuous visual feedback from the Plug about whether the EV is still able to drive away or not, we can ensure the safety of users throughout the emergency situation or during the entire maintenance procedure. Quickly creating and maintaining a safe working environment.

  • Prevents an EV from driving away under its own propulsion

  • Gives colour feedback indicating that the plug is working and has connection with the EV

  • No contact with high voltage

  • Eliminates or significantly reduces the time spent in a dangerous working environment!

  • Universal, fits in every socket – worldwide

  • Can be plugged in and unplugged at any time

  • All electric systems stay operational, such as windows, seats and lights

  • For use in light cars, heavy trucks and buses

  • For all first responders and technicians

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