Fire Eagle Xtreme

You never know what challenge you will face on the job. We make sure you are ready with our Quad-certified Fire Eagle Xtreme.

Quad-certified Protection for Active First Responders
Cross-functional firefighting boot with the ultimate in protection.

Xtreme certified protection
From its xtreme slip resistant and puncture resistant sole to its durable bullhide leather to its debris reducing capabilities, Fire Eagle Xtreme has you covered no matter what your job demands.

Xtreme toe and metatarsal protection
The lightweight and roomy composite toe cap surpasses all safety requirements while the metatarsal plate keeps the most vulnerable part of your foot safe and secure.

Xtreme Protection from liquids, pathogens and chemicals
Our CROSSTECH® inner liner not only keeps your feet dry and comfortable, it offers impenetrable protection from chemicals, blood and body fluids. A soft close fitting cuff keeps out debris and contaminants.

Xtreme slip resistance
Our revolutionary sole with its athletic design offers unparalleled traction on water, ice and snow and added protection from the heat and cold you encounter on the fireground. Yellow markings make you more visible in dim conditions and the built in boot jack makes it easier to get your boots off.

Lightweight athletic comfort with a personalized fit
For a job that pushes you to your limits.

Lightweight athletic fit
Fire Eagle Xtreme was created to fuel your inner athlete. Amazingly lightweight and responsive, allowing you to move and maneuver with ease. The secure fit supports your ankle without sacrificing flexibility. All while offering maximum protection on the job.

Customized fit
Fire Eagle Xtreme’s RAPIDfit lacing system allows you to customize your fit, offering better lower leg and ankle security and stability, which means less chance for injury. Dual laces allows you to rapidly secure the footbed and boot shaft independently of one another with just one pull. Lock and go.

Comfort Insole
The newly designed insole in the Fire Eagle Xtreme offers even more comfort than before. PU added to the insole not only offers more cushion to stand on, it resists flattening out over time. Freshen them with a machine wash and air dry.

Breathable comfort
Fire Eagle Xtreme keeps your foot temperature regulated by keeping air circulating between the leather and the liners. Moist air is replaced with fresh air with every step keeping feet drier and more comfortable.

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