NovaCool UEF Class A, B, D

NovaCool Foam Concentrates


  • Application Ratio: 0.4%
  • Fire Class Application: Class A, Class B, Class D, pressurized and 3-D Fires
  • Approvals: Manufactured under the NFPA 18, UL tested and listed.
  • When applied as a foam through a foaming nozzle or CAFS it can fill voids and stick to vertical surfaces.
  • Environmentally responsible formula, rapidly biodegradable.
  • Contains no alcohols (will not cause AFFF to de-foam).
  • Can be mixed with fresh, brackish, or seawater with good foam in all water types.
  • Run off is greatly reduced or eliminated due to the reduced amount of water required to extinguish the fire and the wetting properties that keep the water on and in the fuel.