Forcible Entry Tool T1

This hydraulic forcible entry tool allows you to cut, wedge, ram, spread, hammer, and lift. With the T1, you always have the right tool for the job.

Multifunctional tool

  • The T1 can cut, wedge, ram, spread, hammer, and lift. This means you always have the right tool for the job.
  • Having all these functions in one tool also saves weight and space in your vehicle
  • The T1 is a stand-alone tool, so you won’t need batteries or an external pump

Compact and powerful

  • The patented hydraulic cutting/spreading mechanism of the T1 allows for high cutting & spreading forces in a compact tool design
  • Easy to use in confined spaces
  • Easy to carry and store

Detachable Wedge

  • You don’t need a second person or tool for creating the first gap, which makes forcing heavy inward opening doors a one-person job
  • The wedge can also be used for pulling hinges or manually forcing outward opening doors

Spreading tips

  • For opening heavy doors in a controlled way
  • The load-holding function makes the tool suitable for lifting and progressive lifting
  • You can also use the spreading tips to create space in vehicles

Optimized cutting blades and jaw design

  • The T1 can easily cut rebar, chain and padlock
  • It can cut up to ø18 mm/0,7 in of round bar (S235)
  • You can easily replace the cutting blades when they are damaged

2-stage pump

  • High power transmission. 30 kg/66lbs of manual force on the pump rod gives you up to 14.2 ton/31 248 lbf hydraulic cutting force and up to 3.4 ton/7 419 lbf hydraulic spreading force.
  • You will need less energy or breathing air, compared to traditional tools

Hammer head

  • You can use the tool as a battering ram or hammer
  • For opening light inward opening doors quickly
  • The optimized weight of 7,7kg/17 lbs makes the tool light enough to carry and heavy enough to do the job

Standard supplied with:

  • Removable cutting blades
  • Detachable wedge