FP70 Plus

FP70 Plus is a superior quality FluoroProtein (FP) fire fighting foam concentrate for extinguishing and securing flammable hydrocarbon liquid fires.

In particular it is a powerful and cost-effective agent for the protection of regular leaded gasoline, unleaded gasoline containing up to 20% Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether (MTBE), and pure MTBE.

Its unique formulation is based on advanced protein foam technology. The protein base provides a tough cohesive foam blanket with high resistance to heat that quickly smothers, cools, and seals the risk. Fluorochemical surface active agents combined with the protein base increase the fluidity and fuel repellency of the foam.

  • Stable long-lasting foam blanket for unsurpassed burn back resistance and post-fire security.
  • Highly fluid foam for rapid fire knockdown and extinguishment.
  • Detergent-free for high resistance to fuel pick-up.
  • Excellent sealing action on hot metal surfaces.
  • Foam blanket re-seals when ruptured by personnel or equipment.


FP70 Plus is biodegradable and virtually non-toxic to aquatic organisms. It is based on a natural protein foaming agent and contains no harmful synthetic detergent or glycol ether.

FP70 Plus can be successfully treated in biological waste water treatment systems.