Fresno Series 701 Aluminum Attic Ladders

These ladders have become very popular in many sections of the country. Specifically designed for indoor use where space is limited, they are particularly ideal for entering attics through ceiling trap doors and similar close-quarter situations.

The “Fresno” Attic Ladder features strong, light weight channel construction and is only 13″ wide, making carrying easier on narrow stairways where longer, bulkier ladders cannot be used.

Series 701 Attic Ladders are available in the stock sizes shown below and in special sizes on request.


  • 2-3/4″ Channel Rail
  • 750 lb Duty Rated
  • Prong Feet as Standard
  • Rubber Safety Shoes Optional for Hard Surface Use
FRESNO SERIES 701 Aluminum
Size Closed Length Width Inside Top Section Banking Thickness Weight*
10′ 7′ 2″ 13″ 7.75″ 4.563″ 27 lbs
12′ 8′ 2″ 13″ 7.75″ 4.563″ 30 lbs
14′ 9′ 2″ 13″ 7.75″ 4.563″ 32 lbs
All dimensions listed are N.F.P.A. Design Verification Standards. Variations occur in each product of approximately +/- .125″ due to the type of rivets, nuts, bolts etc. used. If you require precise dimensions, please call our office and request a copy of our current field dimension sheets.