G-Force Nozzles

Based on a highly customizable global nozzle platform design, the unique G-Force series of fixed, selectable, and automatic nozzles combine over 40 years of Task Force Tips design innovation and experience into true next generation firefighting tools.

Manufactured exclusively at TFT’s USA production facilities, the G-Force series is supported by an extensive infrastructure of 24-hour technical service representatives, on-line documentation, digital video training library, exclusive product serialization and tracking capabilities, and a proven 5 year product warranty. Incorporating unique performance components such as a stainless steel slide valve, inlet debris screen and protective fog pattern choices, the G-Force series delivers high performance and rugged dependability.


  • Tip Only, Shutoff and Shutoff with Grip Models – With hundreds of available models, the G-Force series offers two piece tip only and ball valve configurations, as well as one piece nozzles with an integrated slide valve. All models including two piece ball valve configurations can be ordered with a color coded pistol grip and valve handle cover
  • Stainless Steel Slide Valve – Unique slide style valve and positive valve position detents in all one piece nozzles provides turbulence-free stream performance even when gating the nozzle.
  • Integral Debris Screen – Inlet screen prevents pattern destroying debris from entering the nozzle and becoming lodged. Items that pass through the screen are easily flushed out the front of the nozzle.
  • Fixed Cut Metal, Molded Rubber, or Stainless Steel Spinning Teeth – All models may be ordered with your choice of diamond cut fixed metal, fixed molded rubber, or stainless steel spinning teeth. All fog teeth are designed to provide superior pattern performance and outstanding firefighter protection without bent, broken, or missing teeth. The bonded rubber bumper provides long term rugged dependability even in the harshest firefighting conditions
  • Flush without Pattern Adjustment or Nozzle Shut Off – Nozzles can be easily and effectively flushed of unwanted and pattern destroying debris that enters the nozzle without shutting down or changing pattern selection during hazardous firefighting conditions.
  • Reflective Labeling and Permanent Laser Markings – Reflective clear coated labeling provides a visually reflective image at night or in dark conditions. High contrast laser engraved operational controls are permanently marked for a lifetime of rugged service.
  • Rugged Color Coded Valve Handle and Pistol Grip – Ergonomically shaped pistol grip, valve handle and covers made from super-tough polymer for rugged dependability. Eleven available colors allow for customization for pump discharge hoseline identification, for specific fire apparatus, specific stations or department.
  • Index Ring – Large, easy to grip index ring provides both visual and tactile indication of operational flow, pressure, or flush choices.
  • Tactile Pattern Position Indicator – Integral tactile indicator provides optional preset pattern selection detent or pattern lock out. The quick change pattern adjustment allows straight stream to a wide protective fog pattern with one simple hand motion.
  • Model Serialization – Each nozzle is permanently marked with a unique serial number that aids in departmental asset tracking, manufacture date, model identification, and easily tracks service and warranty activities. Web enabled on-line serial number search also provides immediate access to all operational and service documentation.