Gear Guardian Drying Cabinet

Created Specifically for Firefighter Gear

The Gear Guardian drying cabinet has been engineered specifically to safety and efficiently dry valuable firefighting gear

Higher Capacity

The large capacity of the FC-6 allows for six hanging racks for jackets and bibs, as well as six boot and glove racks all to be dried simultaneously. The FC-3 allows for three hanging racks and 3 boot and glove racks. And the high 1200 cfm of airflow within the cabinet will process the goods faster. Flat goods can also be dried on the optional adjustable shelf rack.

Quality and Durability

Stainless steel construction provides the highest level of corrosion resistance in the industry. Triple point locking mechanism on door creates a strong and efficient seal. Plus, heavy construction ensures a long life of everyday use.

Simplified Maintenance

Features off-the-shelf controls, electric heating elements (8 or 12kW) and blowers that are available locally to simplify maintenance and save you money.

Directed and Controlled Airflow

Insertion air tubes allow heated airflow to penetrate into hanging jackets and bibs, providing superior drying performance. An optional boot rack can be inserted as tubes into the bib leg to increase directed airflow into the gear and speed drying time.

Temperature Compliance Heating elements are coupled with a temperature probe and a highlimit safety switch to ensure internal temperatures will not rise above 105˚F as specified in NFPA 1851 code.


Using directed airflow instead of mechanical action, this efficient drying cabinet is a great addition to any firehouse. With capacity for three or six complete sets of turnout gear and an approximate 60 minute cycle, this dryer will save you valuable time.