Gear Guardian Washer-Extractors

Created specifically for firefighter gear

Gear Guardian washer-extractors have 30 different programmable wash formulas, including 10 pre-programmed strictly for decontaminating firefighter gear (all 10 can be re-programmed). User-friendly microprocessor controls prompt you through each programming step and prevent errors. And, all Gear Guardian washer-extractors comply with NFPA 1851 standards in maintenance and care of protective gear.

Easy Operation

Anyone can operate a MILNOR Gear Guardian washer-extractor. Formula choices are clear. Just pick the right formula, and press the start button. Then full automation takes over. The machine also keeps you informed by displaying information, including what function is underway and how much formula time remains. Any trouble with the machine? Check troubleshooting messages to minimize downtime. Control protects turnouts by not allowing gear to tumble during fill. And automatic supply injection means no attention is needed while the machine is washing.

Roomy wash cylinders

Firefighting gear is bulky, so the spacious Gear Guardian cylinder is essential for a fast, commercial-quality wash. Big ribs lift and drop gear to help remove heavy soil. The large cylinder cuts processing time, and you can launder more gear per load.

Speeds processing

Heavily-soiled firefighting gear needs effective rinsing. Intermediate extractions “sling” water and chemicals from gear prior to the next rinse. Gear gets cleaner faster! Gear Guardian washer-extractors have the unique ability to allow as many intermediate extractions as you need, since they use continuous duty (rather than intermittent duty) motors. Low extract speeds are designed into MILNOR Gear Guardian machines to better protect turnout gear. High spin cycles can damage these valuable goods.

Helps avoid vibration

A special load distribution speed before extraction prevents bulky gear from creating an imbalance inside the cylinder. This helps avoid vibration during the extraction. Besides saving time (since you don’t have to stop the machine to manually correct the load), less vibration means longer machine life. Distribution speed also protects gear by preventing tumbling action while water is draining from the cylinder.

Rugged Construction

Bulky, heavy turnouts can be rough on a machine, but not a Gear Guardian washer-extractor. It’s built for long service under tough conditions by the most respected name in commercial laundry machinery.

The T-Series and V-Series models feature continuous (rather than spot) welding, large tapered roller bearings, a triple shaft seal to shield bearings from water on most models, heavy gauge console materials, and heavy-duty motors.

A choice in sizes

Gear Guardian washer-extractors are available from 40 lb. to 80 lb. capacities. The size you choose depends on the amount of gear you need to process within a given timeframe.