High Performance Rescue Chainsaws

Engineered specifically for the fire and rescue industry, these saws have a number of features that make them outstanding tools for the fire and rescue extraction.



Univent ventilation chainsaws prevent vapor locking in high heat situations and are air injected with a pure foam air filter that is impossible to plug – even in the heaviest of smoke concentrated environments. These saws develop over 6 HP and reach chain speeds of 121.6 ft. per second. This allows the chain to use a filing action rather than ripping and tearing. Perfect for the harsh environments of the fire service. Don’t forget about the added safety features such as our patented spring-loaded depth gauge.

Molytech Cylinder Head
Molybdenum impregnated and hardened aluminum/magnesium cylinder head with drop forged 74cc piston and moly-rings, increases compression, reduces heat and extends engine life. Allows the engine to run fuel with up to 15% alcohol content. This allows optimum performance from standard 87 to 92 octane fuels. Alcohol is added to standard fuel in order to meet emission standards set by the EPA and other city or state ordinances.

Two Mass System
Ergonomically designed handles with optimum spacing and an anti-vibration system minimize fatigue and provide an unsurpassed operator experience. The two-mass system isolates the saw’s handles from the engine and cutting arm with steel springs, minimizing vibration transferred back to the operator. The weight of the saw is balanced evenly between the two handles.

Exclusive Sabretooth and Cobra Carbide Tipped Chains
The Carbide Chain of America Carbide Tipped Chains are manufactured specifically for the fire industry and provide fast cutting of the hardest materials while extending the life of the chain and the safety for the user.

Patented Spring Loaded Depth Gauge
The only product for chainsaws that is not only a depth gauge but also provides additional safety as the depth bar and chain are completely covered, as the depth gauge springs into position.

Exclusive Chain Technology
Exclusive to Unifire with over twenty-three years in the design and engineering, this chain can out-cut and out-perform any other chain on the market, period! We guarantee it. If you want safety, speed and durability, look no further. In hundreds of head to head tests, this chain won every time. Manufactured exclusively for Unifire and Univent by Carbide Chain of America.

ET Series Engine (Extreme Torque)
High performance engine reduces fuel consumption up to 20% and emissions up to 60%. The saw produces up to 20% more horsepower than stock increasing torque over a wider RPM range when ventilating a roof or cutting/felling trees. The ET Series gives more power throughout the cut.

Ram Jet, Forced Air Injection
The specially designed flywheel removes 97% of debris from the air with centrifugal force and provides 35% more airflow around the engine than standard flywheels. The clean air is channeled to the carburetor housing, pressurizing it through force injection. The end result is higher performance, better air filtration, and a longer lasting and cooler running saw.
ET Series Engine

Hyper-Volt : Electronic Ignition
The smart brain of the Hyper-Volt electronic ignition senses when the saw is under load and advances the voltage to maintain higher performance through the cut.