Designed for quick and easy use, the ISCBA SCBA provides superior IDLH-level respiratory protection in non-fire related environments.

The ISCBA features a simple, dependable single stage pressure reducer combined with the Scott E-Z Flo mask-mounted regulator with first breath activation.

The ISCBA has a sturdy wire-formed backframe with the option of a nylon or Kevlar harness.  It is available in 2216 psig low-pressure or 4500 psig high-pressure models, both with an option for a dual-port reducer and extended duration airline.

  • Offers NIOSH approved, SCBA protection in non-fire related environments that are immediately dangerous to life or health (IDLH)
  • Available in 2216 psig and 4500 psig operating pressures
  • Features a simple, dependable single stage pressure reducer with optional dual port manifold for the option of adding an extended duration airline connection, enabling the SCBA to accept an airline connection from an external air source
  • Features Scott’s E-Z Flo Regulator with first-breath activation, positive engagement mechanism for quick donning, and an air-saver switch which allows the SCBA to be put in stand-by mode when connected to an activated cylinder
  • Optional E-Z Flo regulator with Modulair quick disconnect allows for personal issue regulators that can also be used with Scott’s Ska-Pak Plus and E-Z Airline respirators, reducing training and inventory costs
  • Top-Down Convertibility with AV-2000, AV-3000 and AV-3000 with SureSeal system facepieces
  • Choice of harness style:
    • Nylon for chemical resistance
    • Kevlar for high heat environment or where there is potential for sparking