Magnaseal Leak Patch, Drain and Sewer Covers

STOP HAZARDOUS LEAKS IN SECONDS! MAGNASEAL is a unique patented magnetic urethane sheet that is the safest, most effective and efficient way to stop or prevent leaks of hazardous materials.

Leak Patch
The MAGNASEAL Leak Patch is a high strength, magnetic, flexible urethane patch. It can hold back up to 30 pounds of pressure. All sizes come with four built-in “D” rings and two 6-inch continuous loop webbing straps which can be used for application.
All Leak patches are 5/8 inch thickness. The corner D Ring adds 1/4 inch to the thickness.
The 18-inch Leak Patch with valve comes fitted with a threaded 2 inch passthrough valve which will allow for off loading. This passthrough valve adds 1-1/2 inches to the thickness of this patch.
Carrying Case – Each MAGNASEAL Leak Patch comes with a carrying case. The carrying case has an industrial zipper and insulated sides to buffer the strength of the MAGNASEAL while it is not in use. The carrying case makes it easy to keep MAGNASEAL protected from UV light and out of the way.
Comes in 8×8″, 12×12″, 18×18″, 18×18″ with threaded valve, and 24×24″.

MAGNASEAL Drain Covers
The MAGNASEAL Drain Cover is a flexible, ultra-thin cover that comes in low-strength magnetic as well as non-magnetic. It is superior as a drain cover because of the urethane’s tendency to want to stay flat even if it has been rolled or crumpled for an extended period of time. This makes the drain coverage complete without air gaps and without the need to apply weight to hold it down.
The magnetic drain cover offers even more security so it will stay in place during high liquid flow. It has the same high chemical resistance which can allow it to be used in various situations. Unlike other similar products, the drain cover will not crack, dry out, or become hard over time, exposure to air, heat, and sun.

MAGNASEAL Sewer Covers
MAGNASEAL’s Sewer Cover is a flexible urethane sheet that comes in low-strength magnetic as well as non-magnetic. It has the exact same properties as the drain cover, with the only difference being its unique size. Its size makes it perfect for Canadian sewers and storm drains.

Teflon Sheet
A Teflon sheet is available for each size of the Leak Patches. The Teflon sheet is a peel and stick layer that be instantly applied to the face of the MAGNASEAL Leak Patch in the field. This will increase its chemical resistance to chemicals beyond what is stated in the Chemical Resistivity Testing Data Summary sheet.