MINI-STRIKER® Lightweight High-Pressure Fire Pump Skid Deck

This skid-deck configuration combines the MINI-STRIKER® high-pressure fire pump with non-corrosive piping mounted on polypropylene copolymer. It’s a robust combination designed for easy lifting.


The MINI-STRIKER® is available as a portable pump, a vehicle mount unit and as a firefighting skid deck to build your own skid unit. Initial attacks and spot patrols on fires, especially rural, field, forest and brush fires, as well as prescribed burns, are often best fought with a highly mobile vehicle, one that can reach the fire ground operations on rough terrain and remote areas. Many urban and wildlife-urban interface fires are best faced, even if only for initial attack, with the versatility and maneuverability of a skid unit on an ATV or pickup truck.

The WATERAX MINI-STRIKER® pump pairs a reliable single stage pump end with the Honda 4-stroke 2.5 HP engine to achieve pressures of up to 85 PSI (5.9 BAR) and offer volume supply of up to 80 GPM (303 L/Min). Extremely portable and lightweight, this mini powerhouse performs well when used by itself or in tandem with other pumps, and is a very popular choice for entry level slip-on applications. It is also particularly suited to some of the latest fire control techniques where small, lightweight equipment is a requirement. The widely-available Honda 4-stroke 2.5 HP engine makes for ease of operation and engine parts sourcing.

Emissions compliant; engine is CARB and EPA certified
Flow rate at specified pressure
Maximum pressure: 85 PSI (5.9 bar)
Free flow: 80 US gals/min (303 L/min)
Maximum head: 196’ (60 m)
Weight: 101 Lbs (45.9 Kg)

Mini-Striker Data Sheet (pdf)