OmniShore Shoring System

First responders need shoring equipment that is as intuitive, versatile and smart as they are. That is why Holmatro developed OmniShore, a shoring system reimagined from the ground up and designed in accordance with unparalleled standards of quality and safety.

Designed to save weight and space on your truck

    • One single system for all shoring operations
    • Build any application with a system of only six different struts
    • Construct lengths up to 17 ft without any need for extension pipes

Quick and easy setup

    • Every strut can be connected to every other strut
    • Each accessory fits on both ends of all the struts
    • Twice the plunger stroke gives you maximum flexibility without exact measurement

Maximum safety

    • All strut combinations are allowed and safe
    • Strongest struts in the market
    • Holmatro developed OmniShore according to the criteria of testing used by FEMA’s US&R Structures Sub Group to evaluate similar type shoring.

With OmniLock no one needs to be near a moving load

    • Monitor and operate the OmniLock struts from a distance
    • OmniLock automatically follows and locks a load in both directions
    • Take control with less manpower thanks to the Wireless Controller

OmniShore offers:

  • Unlimited applications with fewer parts
  • Seamless setup with less handling
  • Full control with less manpower

Check the catalogue for available components and sets.