PowerUp Battery Analyzer

Keep Your Batteries at Peak Performance

What’s worse than picking up a tool with a dead battery? Using PowerUp in conjunction with a regular inspection and maintenance process, you can restore or replace non-performing batteries in your inventory before they impact operations. The multi-functional PowerUp keeps your thermal imager batteries in peak condition.

Cost Effective

The PowerUp battery charger, analyzer, and conditioner gives you complete control of your battery inventory at a fraction of the cost of expensive multi-bank commercial products. Many batteries that appear to be non-functional can be restored with advanced conditioning techniques. With PowerUp, you have the power to increase the life of your batteries, improving efficiency while reducing the costs of frequent battery replacements. PowerUp can condition up to four batteries at one time.*

Total Control/Complete Convenience

Used in conjunction with Bullard’s personal control panel software, myBullard™, you can add and remove batteries from your inventory with just a few clicks of your mouse. Additionally, myBullard can notify you when an analysis and conditioning cycle is complete by sending you a text or email message. PowerUp can disconnect from the PC and run remotely once started so you have the convenience of using your PC for other tasks.


Using myBullard, PowerUp first analyzes your thermal imager battery to determine its condition. PowerUp automatically uses this information to determine if battery conditioning is required.


If, after analyzing your battery, PowerUp determines that the battery is not performing optimally, it will begin a conditioning cycle to increase battery run time. PowerUp continues to run analysis and conditioning sequences until it can either no longer increase battery performance or determines that the battery is bad.


In addition to its analysis and conditioning capabilities, PowerUp can also charge batteries, so there is no need for a separate desktop charger.

PowerUp works with all T3 Series, T4 Series, Eclipse® Series, Edge™ Series, and TacSight® Series Thermal Imager batteries.

* Requires a separate PowerUp unit for each additional simultaneous process.