PRT (Percussive Rescue Tool)

The PRT is a powerful hand held rescue tool that can be put to work with a minimal amount of training.

Primarily designed for fast, forcible entry and penetration, one person can quickly pry open doors in seconds and easily break through brick and concrete block walls within a few minutes.

The sliding ram bar action of the PRT directs all of its force directly at the point of impact – without deflection, making it safer and more effective than a sledge and wedge.

The PRT comes with five different bits:

  • 8.5” long Lock Breaker Claw for prying or forcing open door, windows, twisting hasps and breaking locks;
  • 8.5” long Cutting claw for punching and cutting sheet metal (automobile roofs and hoods, aircraft, structures, etc.) works like a manual can opener;
  • 14.5” long Wide Chisel Tip used for lifting, prying and punching metal, provides extra length for reaching into narrow crevices and pry bar leverage up to 53” when fully extended;
  • 14.5” long Bull Point used for breaking concrete and masonry materials, 5” thick unreinforced concrete is easily broken after 6-8 strikes;
  • 14.5” long 1” Chisel Tip used also for breaking concrete, prying bolts, breaching brick and block walls.