RJ3 Spacesaver Adjustable Stand

Vehicle Stabilization Strut


  • 2:1 Safety Factor on strut, jack and accessories.
  • Rugged Steel Construction provides durability.
  • Pinned End Fittings allow you to easily swap out heads for your application.
  • Fixed CRG Head Fitting comes standard, allowing for a wide range of purchase points.
  • Base-Mounted D-Rings allow you to attach different straps or secure with stakes or pickets.
  • CAM Buckle Straps come pre-attached to the strut base for quick deployment.
  • Column WLL: 4,000 LBS.
  • Lifting WLL: For Stabilization Only
  • Extended Height: 103.5″
  • Collapsed Height: 36.5″
  • Weight: 45 LBS*

* Strut weight includes Fixed CRG Head Fitting, Base, CAM Buckle Straps and all hardware.

Available in 2-Point Standard Kit, 4-Point Deluxe Kit, 3-Point Texas Kit and 2-Car Deluxe Kit. View Catalog for details (pdf).