SmartDummy™ Rescue Manikin

Easily create victim training scenarios


  • Constructed with crush-resistant materials, a rugged uni-shell covering, Drag Rescue Device (DRD) strap and removable boots.


  • Internal weighted padding provides even weight distribution and feels like a real victim.

No Pinch Points

  • Flexible Joints enable a full range of motion without any pinch points.

Victims with a Voice

  • Interactive, built-in VoiceBox gives your victim a voice and adds to the realism.



  • The Attack™ Digital Fire Training System can be used in hands-on training when fire suppression is the objective, and also to add realism in fire training situations where fire suppression is not the main objective.


  • Train for the worst and hope for the best. Use our rescue manikins to practice Firefighter Advanced Survival Techniques.


  • For increased realism, incorporate a rescue manikin into your vehicle stabilization and extraction training.


  • Use our rescue manikin to train on structure shoring, lifting and moving, as well as breaking and breaching. Prepare the rescue specialist for moving large debris of concrete to make access to the trapped victims.