Solo Rescue® Decon Washer

Easy decontamination of SCBA, helmets, facepieces, boots, gloves and tools. The world’s first SCBA decon washer.

Developed to help firefighters fight cancer

Studies show that firefighters run a significantly higher risk of being diagnosed with, and dying from, various forms of cancer than the general population. This is due to the hazardous chemicals and carcinogenic particles they are exposed to in the line of duty. To reduce this exposure and the resulting cancer risk, it is essential to thoroughly, safely and efficiently clean and decontaminate all protective equipment after every use. That is exactly what the Solo Rescue® Decon Washer does. Cleaning gear in the Solo Rescue means less exposure to cancer causing PAH particles and a safer work environment for you and your fellow firefighters.

Optimized cleaning with a unique rotating basket

The generously sized wash tank of the Solo Rescue is a vital part of its strength. Together with a unique rotating basket system, this provides a design that optimizes the water flow to reach even the most inaccessible parts of your equipment without compromising its function and quality. So whether you are washing SCBAs, facepieces, boots, gloves, helmets, or tools, the Solo Rescue will do an excellent job reducing and extracting dangerous soot particles, chemicals, and detergent residue from your equipment.

Minimize exposure & risk of cross-contamination

While handling fire protective gear it is important to reduce the time of exposure to hazardous toxins and carcinogens. Establishing procedures to handle contaminated gear in a controlled and safe way is one way of minimizing this risk. With the Solo Rescue the entire cleaning process is carried out inside the machine, ensuring minimum exposure for the staff. It has a lower door that folds out, acting as a loading table when opened. This ergonomic process minimizes manual contact with contaminated materials. Simply put the contaminated equipment in the machine, close the hatch and start the cleaning program.

Everything you need to clean your SCBAs, facepieces, boots, gloves, helmets, and tools – all in one machine

The spacious design of the Solo Rescue allows you to wash either 2 complete SCBAs, 6 stand-alone air cylinders, 8 facepieces, 3 helmets, 3 pairs of boots, or 8 pairs of gloves per wash cycle. On top of that, you can wash small parts, such as regulators and pressure connectors. All of this is possible thanks to the clever design of the Solo Rescue basket system. The backbone of the system is the heavy-duty basket, which is used at all times. This basket can then be paired with several different accessories, making the Solo Rescue the most versatile decon washer. Accessories include holders for SCBAs, facepieces, boots, gloves, helmets, and small parts (e.g., regulators, pressure connectors, etc.).

Clean gear in less than 10 minutes

The Solo Rescue offers the easiest, quickest, and safest way to clean your contaminated PPE. The easy-to-use control panel lets you choose between a 3-minute cycle for gloves and boots or an 8-minute cycle for SCBAs, facepieces, and helmets.

Solo Rescue® – Basket System & Accessories

All you need to clean your contaminated SCBAs, facepieces, boots, gloves, helmets, and even smaller parts such as regulators and pressure connectors.

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DeconFilter™ Pro Sdecon filter

The perfect complement to your Solo Rescue. An easy and safe way of reducing carcinogens from your wastewater. The DeconFilter Pro S was developed to work seamlessly with the Solo Rescue and fits perfectly on the right side of the machines using a special filter rack. It is also possible to mount the filter system on the wall for convenience if needed. The Solo Rescue filter system comes with an external water tank, including a lint filter and drain pump.

Optimized filtration technology

The DeconFilter Pro S focuses on extracting and reducing the amount of carcinogenic PAH substances in the Solo Rescue wastewater. During tests at a fire department and firefighter training facility in southern Sweden, wastewater samples were taken from the Solo Rescue decon washer after several training exercises and rescue operations. They were then sent to an external third-party laboratory for testing. These lab tests showed that the DeconFilter Pro S reduced the amount of PAH M and PAH H compounds (both of which are currently being classified as carcinogenic by the Swedish EPA) in the wastewater by up to 98% or below the detection level.

We use a multi-stage custom filtration to achieve these results, including a lint filter, particle filters, and an active carbon filter. This allows us to catch particles of various types and sizes and prevents them from being flushed down the drain.