Stationary Pin Rack

Used to mount  folded hose on back wall of fire protection cabinet.

Pins swivel 180°.  Available 16, 21 and 24 pins for different hose lengths.  Designed for single jacket lined fire hoses.

S-416 16 pin for 1½” x 50’ hose   (2” Height x 10-1/8” Length) 2-9/16” Long Pins
S-421 21 pin for 1½” x 75’ hose   (2” Height x 13¼” Length) 2-9/16” Long Pins
S-424 24 pin for 1½” x 100’ hose (2” Height x 15” Length) 2-9/16” Long Pins

Also available in larger sizes for 2½” (65mm) fire hose.

Construction:  Constructed of 18 gauge metal with nickel and chrome plating.  Also available in 316 stainless steel for outdoor resistance. Use the suffix “SS” at end of model number when specifying stainless steel stationary pin racks.

IMPORTANT:  Pin racks are NOT designed to store double jacket or rubber covered hoses.  For these types of hoses use hose reels, hump or saddle racks.