SuperPASS® 5 NFPA Compliant Firefighter Personal Alert Safety System

The SuperPASS® 5 is the smallest, lightest and loudest stand-alone, NFPA-compliant PASS.

The SuperPASS® 5 is used as the Firefighter’s Primary PASS as a stand-alone device, no SCBA is needed and this PASS remains operational, protecting the Firefighter at all times, with, or without SCBA.

SuperPASS® 5 is the only NFPA compliant device available to protect your Firefighters. The auto-on feature is cleverly designed using a patented Accountability Key that can be used as tally-board tag indicating the Firefighter is present at the incident and contains an identity window that can hold the Firefighters name and other relevant information.

Do not rely on an SCBA integrated PASS for your safety. The SuperPASS® 5 is a rugged, stand-alone PASS that protects the Firefighter at all times in all environments.

SuperPASS® 5 features and specifications:

  • Intrinsically Safe to UL913, and CSA C22.2, No. 157
  • Compliant to NFPA 1982, 2018 Edition TIA 13-2 Requirements
  • Bright, Highly Visible LED Status Indicators
  • Large Stainless-Steel Grip-Clip & D-Ring
  • 98+ dBA Sound Pressure Level at 500°F (260° C)
  • Data-Logging All PASS Status Changes (On, Off, Alarm, Etc.)
  • Heat Stress Temperature Alarm
  • 200 Hours of Battery Life in Sensing Mode
  • SuperPASS® 5 is eligible for funding under the funding category PPE
  • SuperPASS® 5 is a PASS alarm that can be moved from one piece of protective clothing to another and does not require an SCBA
  • SuperPASS® 5 keeps the Firefighter NFPA 1500 Compliant when they remove their SCBA and return to the hazard area for overhaul and other operations