SVC4 Rescue Cutoff Saw

The SVC4 is the perfect combination of strength and mobility in a rescue cut off saw.  Proven ability to cut concrete, asphalt, stone, steel, rebar, aluminum, commercial roofing and more

SVC4 Features

Tiger Tooth Diamond Studded Blade – specifically designed for the toughest of jobs

Easy Start – Spring assisted starter and primer pump combined with optimized engine management significantly reduces resistance

Touch & Stop – one lever control with clearly defined positions for cold starting, operation and stop. Engines shuts off with just a touch

Aluminum Pull Handle – durable and designed with thick rescue gloves in mind

Ultimate Debris System – dirt/debris separation rate of 90%

Vertical Fuel Filling – prevents spilling, built in window to check fuel level on the fly

Multi-Ribbed Belt – for high power transmission and endurance

Water Supply Inlet – with intake filter and fine adjustment for adequate dust protection

2 Year Warranty