Telescopic Ram TR 5370 LP


Limited weight

  • Lighter than ever, thanks to new materials, component integration and smart design. Easier to carry and handle, reducing physical strain.

Increased performance

  • More spreading force in 2nd stage, where you need it the most, and more length to expand your extrication options

Integrated laser pointer in ram head

  • Marks the exact spot where the ram will touch the object after extension
  • Enables first-time-right positioning, which saves time and is safer for the patient

Integrated LED lighting

  • Illumination of both the plunger and the base side of the ram (6 LED lights in total)
  • You can start right away, both during the day and at night, without working in your own shadow

Ergonomic carrying handle

  • New handle design for easy carrying: tool remains in balance
  • Mounted parallel to tool to limit dimensions

Built-in Speed Valve

  • When unloaded, the plunger extends quickly to the desired distance to speed up positioning of your ram

New control handle

  • Improved ergonomic design, offering better grip for optimal tool control