The Pig

The Pig combines the two working ends of the flat-head and the pick-head axe.

Ask yourself – How often do firefighters actually use the cutting edge of a fire service axe? Firefighting has evolved and THE PIG has arrived to devour every assignment in it’s path.

The Pig is 8 pounds of total fireground domination! Combining proven attributes of a flat-head and pick-head axe, the Pig is the most versatile tool on the fireground. Roof ventilations, forcible entry, saving your own, breaching walls, and breaking locks are just the start of its capabilities.

The Pig can also be used for overhaul, and is great for pulling down drywall, shiplap, lathe and plaster, and trim. The Pig is the single most capable hand tool on the fireground.

When you arrive on scene, there will be no question what you will reach for. Grab The Pig!