The Steel Commander™

The Steel Commander™ Incident Command Systems is designed to be used at the back of the command vehicle where the cabinetry provides a pull out drawer or tray for a dry erase board.

Most cabinetry set-ups include only a blank board but our systems provide a tactical worksheet that gives the IC an organized and concise way to keep track of tactics and to account for personnel. The worksheet is used to record your Personnel Accountability Reports, Officer, Crew & Apparatus assignments. An area to sketch the scene including sector assignments is also included. The Steel Commander™ is compatible with Expo 2™ dry erase markers. The 18″ x 24″ size fits most cabinet set ups but we can make whatever size you need.

The Steel Commander™ includes 50 custom engraved magnetic tags and a case to store them. These tags are typically engraved with the Radio Designations of all Department Officers, Apparatus, as well as common Tasks & Mutual Aid Companies. These tags make it simple to move resources throughout an incident when they complete or change tasks. The Steel Commander™ also comes with dry erase markers and a timer/clock used to monitor incident times and alert the IC when it is time for a PAR.

Custom Layouts & Map Boards Available