Trap door™ Hose Pack

The Trap door™ Hose Pack is designed to load and deploy faster than other hose packs! A bold claim, but once you’ve tried it we think you’ll agree.

Designed to carry two single-jacket hose bundles (up to 1 1/2″each) in any configuration (donut, U-shape, etc.). The secret to the Trap door™ pack is, well – the Trap door™ in the bottom. This is a rigid platform that is pulled up by adjustable web, then released with rip-cords mounted on the shoulder harness. The design prevents accidental hose deployments. Color-coded rip cord tabs match the color-coded hose holders so you always know which hose you’re deploying. Padded back and shoulder straps for comfort.

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  • Fast loading, clean deployment
  • Two levels of 1″ or 1 ½” single jacket hose in any configuration
  • Color coded rip-cord tabs
  • Padded back and shoulder straps for comfort
  • Front-facing pocket for wildland hose hardware