Turnout Gear Dryers

Firefighters need to be ready for action—not delayed with wet gear. Ram Air Gear Dryers get you back to action in a fraction of the time!

Ram Air Gear Dryers safely and quickly dry all bunker gear and accessories including helmets, gloves, boots, face masks and SCBAs. Our dryers are available in 4, 6 or 8-unit models with a touchscreen or pushbutton control that enables ambient or heated-air drying. All models align with gear manufacturer requirements and comply with NFPA 1851/FEMSA recommendations for drying gear.

It comes down to power. Ram Air’s patented design uses powerful fans that push air through gear from the inside out. With strategically placed air outlets, Ram Air Gear Dryers effectively dry the hard-to-reach areas and vapor barriers that are prone to mold and mildew if not dried properly. The unique design limits air loss and prevents air flow from following the path of least resistance. The result? Faster, more efficient drying and an increased ability to dry more suits in the same amount of time.

As a firefighter-owned company, we know what it is like to work in wet boots and gloves. That is why Ram Air Gear Dryers come fully loaded with up to 24 component ports for drying all accessories including helmets, gloves, boots, face masks and SCBAs.

Ram Air Gear Dryers feature touch screen controls that gives departments the ability to easily toggle between ambient or optional heated-air drying. When the dryer is in use, the touch screen clearly displays the drying status and dry time remaining. For ease of use, the control features five dry time presets including a continuous drying option. An additional custom timer button enables users to program a custom dry time based on their department’s unique drying needs.

We strive to deliver products that set quality standards beyond any other competitor’s products. Top-quality materials are used throughout including stainless steel stickmen, bolts and nuts and a powder-coated steel air chamber. Our dryers utilize heavy-duty casters that provide mobility for the unit. We design our dryers to last and stand by them with an industry-leading 5-year warranty!

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TG-4, TG-4H and 4-MU

  • 4-Unit Turnout Gear Dryer with Touchscreen Control (TG-4, TG-4H) or basic timer control (4-MU)
  • Four Drying Units; 4 Helmet Dryers; 12 Accessory Ports
  • Model TG-4 – Ambient Air Only; Model TG-4H – Ambient & Heated Air

TG-6, TG-6H and 6-MU

  • 6-Unit Turnout Gear Dryer with Touchscreen Control (TG-6, TG-6H) or basic timer control (6-MU)
  • Six Drying Units; 6 Helmet Dryers; 18 Accessory Ports
  • Model TG-6 – Ambient Air Only; Model TG-6H – Ambient & Heated Air

TG-8, TG-8H and 8-MU

  • 8-Unit Turnout Gear Dryer with Touchscreen Control (TG-8, TG-8H) or basic timer control (8-MU)
  • Eight Drying Units; 8 Helmet Dryers; 24 Accessory Ports
  • Model TG-8 – Ambient Air Only; Model TG-8H – Ambient & Heated Air