For instant, safe stabilization of crashed vehicles.


  • Unique auto-lock system
    – Pulls out and locks automatically in one movement
    – Locking holes over the full strut length at very small intervals
    – Enables fine length adjustment for accurate positioning of the strut
  • Squeeze and push mechanism
    – To release the strut quickly and easily after use
  • Extremely lightweight
    – Easy to carry
    – Easy to work with
  • High shoring capacity
    – Up to 16 kN shoring load
    – Enough to stabilize any type of car
  • Serrated, multi-purpose head
    – For optimal grip on all types of vehicles
  • Snap hook
    – For fast and easy detachment and reattachment
  • Tensioning belt
    – Tensioning belt with hook and ratchet mechanism
    – For quick and easy attachment to the car
    – Enables the rapid creation of a stable triangle
  • Heat resistant cover
    – Slideable, heat-resistant protection cover around tensioning belt
    – Protects the belt against hot exhausts

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