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Mission Driven.

Our mission is simple: to provide high quality vehicles that help our customers perform at peak efficiency and respond to any emergency.

That is why we build the industry’s finest broadcast, mobile command, and specialty communications vehicles. From small SUVs to tractor drawn 53-foot trailers, Frontline vehicles deliver reliability through innovative vehicle designs and integrated systems solutions. Since 1985, each Frontline vehicle rolls off the line ready to perform – and serve for years.

Your community or agency might be called on to handle anything from local emergencies to major natural disasters. Frontline Communications delivers customized state-of-the-industry vehicles outfitted with whatever you need to get the job done: conference rooms for concise decision making, galley/restrooms so you can stay as long as it takes, and workstation/command/dispatch consoles so you can respond in real time, with quality information.

We are experts in systems design, and understand the importance of integrating complex audio, video, RF, surveillance, and communications equipment to meet your specific requirements. From mobile SUV based rapid response vehicles to 53-foot tractor drawn trailers, we have the vehicles to help you coordinate multiple teams and respond with confidence.

Take a tour of Frontline’s ENG NV HR Demo Vehicle.